Sunrise Bible Study Group Gathering
Shenandoah Crossings Resort, Gordonsville, VA
April 27-30, 2015

Members of the Sunrise Bible Study Group have met each morning for more than 51 years, but many of us never get a chance to meet each other face to face. A gathering was planned for the Spring of 2015 with the following purpose:

Meet SRBSG participants face-to-face, experience the net each morning side-by-side (we will have an operational station), pray together, communion together, share testimonies, relax, enjoy the Spring season together in Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, or maybe just enjoy a quiet time alone or together with the Lord.

The following people were present for all or part of the Gathering:

Jim Spoerl - NG1Y Tom Sefranek - WA1RHP
Bill Thiele - W2BWL  
Steve Elliott - N2COJ Esther Elliott
George McCue - N2LAH Sharon McCue
Tony Carraturo - W2VTJ Linda Carraturo
Fred Smith - KC2ZER Barbara Smith
Terry Jamison - N3WIL  
Eric Disher - KB4MTS Jackie Disher
Jim Grainger - KE4NLI  
Bill Ramsey - K8BDR  
Del Lafevor - WB8FYR Ruth Lafevor - WD8ODG
Jerry Fray - N9TU  
Laurel Short - WA9RDL Wy Short

K8BDR was the first to arrive around 2:00 PM on Monday, April 27. First on Bill's agenda was to get the station antenna set up between two trees close to the 3-bedroom he was staying in and get the station set up. Bill was mighty efficient at that for it was nearly completed when Del and Ruth arrived at about 2:45. We had reserved 3 two-bedroom cabins and 3 three-bedroom cabins similar to the following pictures:

Although this was not one of our cabins, the three-bedroom cabins were similar on the outside to this view The two-bedroom cabins were like this and near the lake

Monday evening set the pace for a wonderful gathering. The fellowship began by gathering together for snacks in one of the three-bedroom cabins. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Tom (WA1RHP) and Steve (N2COJ) in foreground; Jim (NG1Y) and Tony (W2VTJ) in the background George (N2LAH), Bill (K8BDR), and Tom (WA1RHP)
Jim (NG1Y) and Tony (W2VTJ) Jerry (N9TU) and George (N2LAH)
Jackie Disher, Esther Elliott, Ruth Lafevor, Eric (KB4MTS), and Sharon McCue Jackie Disher, Esther Elliott, Ruth Lafevor, and Eric (KB4MTS)
Tony (W2VTJ), George (N2LAH), Steve (N2COJ), Jim (KE4NLI), Jackie & Eric (KC4MTS), Jim (NG1Y), Tom (WA1RHP), and Bill (K8BDR) Sharon McCue, Esther Elliott, Del (WB8FYR), and Ruth Lafevor
A busy picture with lots of folks around the snack table Eric (KC4MTS) and George (N2LAH) almost seem like they are posing for this picture taken by Jerry
Jackie & Eric (KC4MTS) and George (N2LAH) George (N2LAH), Jerry (N9TU), Tom (WA1RHP), and Jim (KE4NLI)
You can only guess who Del (WB8FYR) is taking a picture of ...and the conversations carry on

Thus, concluded the first afternoon and fellowship of the SRBSG on April 27, 2015. Continue on to rise and shine for April 28 Gathering

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