Amateur Radio Sunrise Bible Study Group
NG1Y (Jim) of SRBSG

Jim (NG1Y) & Pat Spoerl eating breakfast with Ruth and Del (WB8FYR) at Flapjack Pancake House in Lincoln - April 20, 2012
Jim (NG1Y) & Pat Spoerl and Ruth and Del (WB8FYR) - sharing together at Flapjack House in Lincoln NH - April 20, 2012

Hill behind Jim's (NG1Y) house where the 80 meter antenna is located fed with 450 ohm ladder line and balun - April 20, 2012

Jim's (NG1Y) back deck showing balun and start of ladder line to 80 meter antenna - April 20, 2012
Don & Linda stand with Jim (NG1Y) in the basement of their home that is under construction - April 20, 2012
NG1Y (formerly KB1SRX) (Jim) at his station - 2012 (credit

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